Here’s a reminder of a few of the ‘motoring’ stories that have caught our eye this week.


The Independent reported on how misdemeanors whilst driving in Europe could now be sent back to an address in the UK. Read the full story here 


News broke recently about a new type of speed camera which was set for use on UK roads. Initial reports suggested that this new type of stealth camera would be an extremely difficult to see grey colour. However the Telegraph reported this week that the colour would now be reviewed to make them more visible. Read the full story here

The Daily Mail also reported on how BMW were set to unveil a form of X-Ray specs that would help drivers reverse park, allowing users to see completely through the car. Read the full story here 


News broke on Wednesday on how Paypal app users would now be able to use the technology to pay for their fuel at Shell filling stations. Read the full story here 

Sky News were reporting that tests of driverless cars were about to begin across Britain. The hope is to put the UK at the forefront of the new technology. Read the full story here 


Something that we’d all have an opinion on, who are the worst drivers in Britain? This report looked to break it down by occupation. Who do you think could have possibly topped the list? Read the full story here  


The Telegraph reported on one local council, Norfolk, who were considering using new technology to highlight drivers who were using mobile devices. Unfortunately the systems cannot as yet differentiate between whether the user is the driver, passenger or a hands free device. Read the full story here 

Really? A glow in the dark Nissan? So says the Daily Mail. Read the full story here