Vehicle Storage

With a 670 acre site in the Midlands, we provide over 100 acres of hard standing for secure vehicle storage that can accommodate up to 20,000 vehicles in a fully managed, and computer controlled secure compound.

The whole complex is surrounded by security fencing and woodland, providing a completely discreet and secure storage location.

The facilities offered include a fully integrated ‘realtime’ tracking service that enables customers to view any stage of a vehicle’s process from arrival to departure. Upon arrival all vehicles are inspected and input onto the tracking system. Any damage details are recorded and available for the owner to view immediately via the internet, whereupon the client can authorise and instruct any work to be done.

With our team of highly qualified technicians the service we offer consists of initial inspection, storage, repair, refurbishment, servicing and valeting all on one site.

On-site compound services include:

  • Battery check / charging
  • Long term storage maintenance programmes
  • Jump start equipment
  • Fire prevention
  • Portable air distributor / compressor
  • High pressure washers
  • Vehicle imaging


Our storage facility is a fully managed and computer controlled secure compound within the security fenced airfield complex. This is achieved through 100 acres of dedicated hard-standing complete with 35 despatch lanes and 15 arrival lanes.

Security arrangements comprise an 8ft perimeter fence complete with 6ft ditches and / or Armco barriers. Surrounding the hard-standing are ringed fenced infra-red alarms, security cameras and thermal imaging cameras.

Site access is protected through floor-mounted stingers with integrated access barriers.

All vehicles entering and leaving the site are recorded on number plate recognition, and this is complemented by 24 hour security and frequent dog patrols.

It should be noted that due to extensive experience with the product, all yard staff are familiar with accurate handling of flat batteries to ensure no additional damage is caused incurring additional cost/time to our customers.

We also undertake monthly stock audits as standard and will assist our customers with annual physical checks (bespoke requirements can be supported upon request).

For Vehicle Transport Logistics enquiries

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