Tom Tom Technology

All of Birway’s Vehicles are fitted with TomTom for Business Equipment that plugs directly into the Tachograph FMS Port and pulls the vehicles Telematics information into the TomTom system.

From here we can provide bespoke KPI data for our clients, including:



Fuel Management

Driver Activity

Rest Periods

We also subscribe to a number of other TomTom Business Applications to help us provide the very best service to our clients and ensure the safety and well being of our drivers.

TomTom Business Technology

TomTom’s vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions deliver the real-time location of every vehicle in our fleet. This allows us to adapt quickly to new developments and make smart, informed decisions.

The vehicle tracking system tells us which employee is closest to any new assignment as well as giving us instant access to important vehicle information and driving behaviour information such as speed, mileage and fuel consumption.

WORKsmart™-Track vehicle tracking and fleet tracking provides real-time data on the movements of our vehicles and staff. This helps with proof of delivery and allows us to monitor working-time guidelines compliance. The vehicle tracking system accurately records hours worked or hours spent behind the wheel and remembers where each vehicle in our fleet has been for up to 90 days in the past. We can follow the driven route, compare speed, mileage and fuel consumption and see where savings can be made.

Data Monitoring

TomTom vehicle tracking reports give us access to real-time and historical trip data on start and end time, location, distance, duration and standstill time. This help us to plan and timetable more efficiently, manage payroll and spot problems early.

We also get vehicle data on fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, and driving events such as harsh braking, speeding and idling. This information highlights problematic driving styles, helping us to reduce our company’s carbon footprint and fuel costs, and keep our drivers safe on the road.

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