Smart Witness Cameras

All of the Birway vehicles are fitted with Smart Witness Cameras. Smart Witness is the Vehicle CCTV and Safety Systems division of Y3K, a global manufacturer and distributor of Professional CCTV Systems.

The main product is the Smart Witness Vehicle Accident Camera, and this innovative unit records continuously and accurately; recording visuals, braking, acceleration, speed, collision G-Forces and vehicle location and driver driving style.

As with all Smart Witness products, the unit features important and unique features, not found on competitors units, a 170° degree lens, High Speed Memory Media, and Testing and Approval to the highest standards, including E-mark and CE.

The Smart Witness range is completely unobtrusive for the driver and also provides a vital tool for accurate driver appraisals.

It can significantly modify driver behaviour, which in turn reduces fuel costs and the potential risk of accidents. Should an accident or incident occur, the products can provide court admissible evidence and protection against fraudulent claims and false accusations of driving offences.

Smart Witness products are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry using components from the most reputable firms in the world including: Epson, Seiko, Sony, Toshiba, Bosch  and XVision.

Smart Witness systems provide many benefits to all types of vehicles, including:

  • Protection against Motor Insurance Fraud
  • Pre-mediated Accidents
  • Crash for cash
  • False/Exaggerated Whiplash Claims
  • Proven to reduce Accident Frequency and Loss Ratios
  • Resolving issues with conflicting reports of actual events by drivers and witnesses
  • A Neutral Version of Events, before, during and after an accident/incident
  • Black Box for your vehicle, logs vehicle driving history
  • Viewing of Blind Spots
  • Encourages safer driving, improving road safety and fuel economy and reducing vehicle wear and tear
  • Provides Recordings for use in Driver Training Sessions
  • Safe Maneuvering of Vehicles
  • Protects against Driving Offence Allegations, providing the circumstances around alleged offences or refuting them completely

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