Smart Analysis – Tachograph Analysis

Smart analysis is the industry-leading digital and analogue tachograph analysis software for road transport compliance and is the preferred system we use. It is used by many of the UK’s leading road transport operators to safeguard compliance with drivers’ hours, working time legislation and tachograph regulations.

Smart analysis tachograph analysis software eliminates the burden of managing and controlling the process for safeguarding your compliance.

Smart analysis is a web-based service which means the data collected is safe, secure and always available anytime and any place over the internet. The Driver de-brief system electronically records any infringements and information on the drivers response after questioning them for reason of the infringement. Discussions and information or additional training is recorded to show the authorities that we are taking all reasonable steps to reduce our infringements down.

Web based service.Your data is safe, secure and always available any time and any place over the internet.
Integrated analogue and digital tachograph data analysis.Seamless analysis of all your tachograph data regardless of your installed tachograph hardware.
You only pay for the driver data you submit, there are no charges for vehicle unit downloads.Cost effective, especially for fleets with agency or part time drivers.
User dashboard.Simple overview of the most important information you want to see. Helping you to spot any areas that require immediate attention.
Pre shift checks using our free Digitaldownloader software.View drivers’ availability and infringement information before they start work. Spot potential issues before they become a problem.
There are over 100 standard reports available.See and share information on drivers’ hours, WTD, infringements etc.
Reports you want can be sent straight to your email inbox.The information you need when you need it.
Includes tools to manage your drivers and minimise infringements.Prioritise training and development for drivers that need it most.
Provides a full audit trail of driver and debriefer interactions.Show the authorities that you are taking all reasonable steps to manage infringements down.
Fully supported.Free help and advice is available should you need it.
SmartAlertsGet automated alerts sent to your email for issues that need your immediate attention.

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