Scania Trucks – Sustainable, efficient transport

With goods transportation projected to grow by 50 percent in the next twenty years, the European Union has set the target of a 20 percent reduction in emissions by the year 2020. But Scania has set the bar even higher.

To make a real contribution to sustainability, Scania’s vision is that carbon dioxide emissions per tonne transported can be reduced by 50 percent during this period.

How can this be achieved?

These are the most important contributions:

  • Consistently improved logistics with the help of ITS (intelligent transport services).
  • Further developed driver competence and driver support.
  • Continuous optimisation of every aspect of truck technology – from increasingly efficient power trains, to aerodynamics.
  • Hybridisation with substantial fuel savings and robust technology.
  • Revised legislation to promote the use of longer vehicle combinations that carry more cargo.
  • Gradually introducing alternatives to conventional fuels.

More than half of Scania’s research and development budget is dedicated to refining powertrain technology and increasing sustainability.

With one of the most efficient production systems in the world, and by using modular components, Scania minimises waste in every form. Hazardous materials are only used where absolutely necessary – and handling and disposal tightly controlled. And for disposal of vehicles at the end of their lives, Scania provides detailed dismantling and disposal protocols. Many parts are designed to be recycled, and are marked for easy identification.

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