Environmental Responsibility

Eco friendly with fleet management

A stable, fluid-driving style is more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly than speeding or stop-start driving in heavy traffic. TomTom WORKsmart™-Eco delivers information on the driving style, speed, carbon footprint and idle time of every vehicle we have on the road, straight to our head office. As part of our own green driving policy, we can set targets for each performance indicator and measure groups or individuals against them.

Optimised vehicle usage

Green driving helps our bottom line as well as the environment. With the TomTom PRO device to navigate the way, drivers travel fewer miles and use less costly fuel on each journey. WORKsmart™ fleet management also makes it easier to schedule work effectively, reducing unnecessary mileage and idle time across the fleet. And with less wear and tear on our company vehicles, our maintenance costs are lower, too.

Socially responsible

As a business, we need to reduce our carbon footprint. And as an employer, we need to safeguard our employees. TomTom Business Solutions helps us do both. By monitoring and tracking driving styles across the fleet we can discourage behaviour that is both risky and costly to drivers and the environment. To document our progress, carbon footprint reports can be generated.


We determine how green our business is and how much money we save. TomTom ecoPLUS™ is an essential part of the solution. It provides fuel efficiency and carbon footprint straight from the vehicle for WEBFLEET to report on. We see the impact of our smart dispatching and other efforts made to reduce costs and carbon in our organisation.

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