Birway Transporters

At Birway, we are continuing to invest in our fleet through the purchase of new Scania trucks and Belle Trailers. Scania’s, we believe, are the best in the marketplace and the advantage of new models ensures they are more reliable and down time is minimised.

The new bodies are also fully equipped to facilitate the loading of newer wider and larger cars on the market such as the new long wheelbase Range Rover.

Belle Trailers specialise in the innovative design of new build car transporters, and can modify existing ones or design and build new transporters to meet our client’s demands.

All of our transporters are professionally branded and maintained by the manufacturer.

Birway’s transporters have been validated and load trialed by Jaguar Land Rover products including the new long wheelbase Range Rover and Range Rover Sport RS version. We also provide transportation for Renault, Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW.

For Vehicle Transport Logistics enquiries

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