It sounds like a pick-up, and it handles like a pickup. So the chances are it IS a pickup. But it doesn’t look much like one.

Mitsubishi has given its sector-leading L200 another ultra-modern styling treatment for its latest Series 5, and it’s a real head turner.

The double-cab pickup has moved from builders’ transport to fashion accessory in a few short years. What used to be at home on a building site now graces the drives of the most fashion conscious cool dude. And my test vehicle came with chunky chrome sidesteps and neon blue floor lighting, making it even more un-missable.

The coolest of the cool of these double cab five seaters is the latest iteration of the L200 – the Series 5. Mitsubishi has dominated the UK pick up market for some time now, and with this combination of head-swivelling style and downright practicality its set to continue doing so.

This vehicle gives you bags of style and plenty of creature comforts for just a shade over £30,000.

For all its style and street cred, the L200 is basically a commercial vehicle, and there’s no doubt it can handle the rough stuff. Its high ground clearance, long suspension travel, and mighty 2.4 diesel engine which pumps out 178 bhp, along with four wheel drive, equip it for any sort of terrain you might throw at it.

But inside you get smart comfortable seats, attractive leather trim, automatic climate control, heated electric mirrors and a high quality multi-media radio.

Other standard equipment includes satnav, ABS, stability control, cruise control, alloy wheels, central locking, rear parking camera, all round electric windows and all round airbags.

True, the diesel engine is a tad noisy compared with many of its 21st century oil burning competitors, but the grunt underlines its power and adds to the perception that this is a comfortable car which also means business.

Handling is pretty good for a vehicle of this nature, though you do get some body roll when cornering thanks to the long travel suspension. If you need off road performance you can switch from two wheel drive to four wheel drive with a simple floor-mounted dial.

Mitsubishi’s direct injection diesel engine is a powerful unit, and linked to a five speed automatic gear box it performs well. Delivering all that power is thirsty work, but you can still expect to get nearly 39.2 mpg in mixed driving.

If you need it, the L200 has impressive towing capacity (3100kg). But you probably won’t need that if you only plan to cruise the high street in it.

This car is more Gucci than ToeTector, but it’s a case of style AND substance.

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