Research from vehicle pricing experts Glass’s has revealed that Minis are the best cars at holding their value and commanding a healthy re-sale figure.

Glass’s – the firm famous for producing the Glass’s Guide, an industry bible for those in the used car market – analysed its depreciation figures and found that Mini models lost just 16.4 per cent of their average value annually.

At the other end of the spectrum, Chryslers dropped and average of 26.6 per cent every year, closely followed by fellow US carmaker Chevrolet, with an annual depreciation figure of 26.3 per cent.

Glass’s analysed every model in a manufacturer’s line-up at four “milestone” ages – one, three, five and seven years old. The numbers could then be crunched to create an average annual depreciation figure.

Mini’s strong brand image and the fact that it sells cars in a class with traditionally strong residuals aided the positive results, while Land Rover proved it is still a sound investment with a 17 per cent annual depreciation figure.