The UK Government has confirmed that the first MOT test will remain at three years. The Department for Transport (DfT) will continue annual testing after the first MOT, rather than switching to every other year.

The DfT acknowledged technological advancements such as hybrid, electric and self-drive vehicles, but has committed to maintaining the current system of annual MOT testing. However, the government is working closely with industry stakeholders and drivers to establish a programme of longer-term reform for MOTs.

The proposal to extend the MOT period for cars, vans and motorcycles was met with widespread criticism from the automotive sector. The proposed changes failed to recognise the critical role played by the first MOT and annual testing in ensuring road safety and keeping up with advances in vehicle technology. An annual MOT can potentially save drivers between £200 and £400 each year, which is why the Government’s decision to maintain the current system was met with relief.