Cambelts are one of the hardest working and most important components of your cars engine and the fact that it is made of a rubber based compound it deteriorates through age and mileage.

It is therefore essential to change your cam belt at the correct time such as age or mileage. Each manufacturer will have a prescribed change point which will be available for you to check in your owners handbook or if you are unsure when your cam belt needs changing please contact our service department at Birway on 01902 609 579. Our experienced mechanics have all of the relevant information ready to give you a quick answer.

If your cam belt is not changed the end result could mean an expensive bill which can run into thousands of pounds.

Replacing the timing belt is a complex operation by entrusting your vehicle to us you can be confident that the work is completed by a fully qualified vehicle technician.

We strip down the relevant parts of the engine and renew the cam belt and cam belt tensioner before reassembling the engine and road testing your car.

When to change your cambelt:

  • At 5 years
  • If it shows any kind of damage
  • If it shows areas of excessive wear and tear

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