Fleet Re-allocation

For Fleet Operators who need to re-allocate existing company vehicles to other locations Birway provides an efficient and cost effective solution.

We have vast experience of carrying this work out for a number of clients throughout the UK.

The current legal obligation placed upon companies to ensure they fully discharge their duty of care responsibilities, requires that such cars are inspected and passed as ‘fit for purpose’ before being reallocated to a new driver.

Utilising our extensive knowledge of this area we are able to inspect vehicles at the point of inward delivery, noting and reporting on any work items requiring attention.

We also ensure that each vehicle goes through a thorough 136 point predetermined PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection). This enables us to provide clients with a comprehensive report outlining any other mechanical or bodywork issues requiring attention along with their subsequent rectification.

With our SMART repair and valeting facilities we can return vehicles back to any level or standard required by our clients. This ensures a seamless and pristine return for onward delivery or re-allocation to your employees.

Providing online information on the status of your vehicle is essential and through our ‘Garage Go Live’ system you can monitor progress and track the vehicle through the various stages of re-allocation. We also upload all photographs and inspection paperwork so you can view it in real time.

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