If you want an MPV you might as well have a big one. The van-sized Citroen Space Tourer can accommodate eight people and their luggage in comfort, writes Ian Strachan

MPVs of all shapes and sizes are on the market, but the Space Tourer is bigger and better equipped than most. It is one of a trio of  eight-seaters based on a common chassis, the others being the Peugeot Traveller and the Toyota Proace.

The Citroen Space Tourer looks and feels modern and  fresh. In Flair trim which I tested it has a wide range of extras and creature comforts. There are various load-space combinations, with the seats on easy-to-move sliding rails and plenty of space behind the third row of seats .

And it looks good. The Space Tourer is somewhat slab-sided but it has smooth, soft lines. It has the benefits of width and huge interior space, with sliding electric side doors which allow for easy entry or loading in a tight parking spot. You do have to allow plenty of pace at the rear of the vehicle, though, to accommodate the huge rear tailgate.

The Space Tourer in this 180 bhp specification comes at £41,905 on the road, which may sound a lot but you get lots of vehicle for your money. This is well-priced for big families, small clubs or as a hire vehicle.

The Space Tourer comes with PSA’s Blue HDi diesel engine in several different power outputs ranging from 95 to 180 bhp. My test vehicle was the 180 horsepower version.

The engine is efficient and refined. Good soundproofing stops the engine and wind noise being intrusive inside the car and it pulls pleasantly and effectively. It returns a more-than-respectable 49.6 miles to the gallon in mixed driving – good for such a large vehicle.

The six-speed automatic gearbox is  sensibly geared and smooth in its operation, allowing for effective power delivery throughout the range.

The driving position – in comfortable leather-clad seats – is both comfortable and commanding, with armrests for the driver and passengers.

Seat configurations are many and varied. You can have it as a six or seven seater, or fold away the back row of seats altogether and get the benefit of a huge luggage compartment. Even with the back row of seats  in position you still get a respectable load area.

Standard equipment on the Flair specification includes smart alloy wheels, curtain airbags, head-up display, seven-inch tablet-style touchscreen satnav  and DAB radio with Bluetooth, USB and Apple CarPlay , electric heated front seats with massage function, full leather upholstery, panoramic twin sunroof, front and rear parking sensors with camera, keyless entry and Xenon headlights. The vehicle has a five star Euro-NCAP safety rating.

The hands-free powered rear doors slide effortlessly, with a hold-open lock system to prevent trapped fingers, and controls on the key and from the interior. All in all this is an excellent package, and surprisingly good value.

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